Ellen Skerrett Chicago Historian
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Chicago Historian

Ellen Skerrett is a Chicago Historian, Author, and Researcher. 

Publications by Ellen Skerrett include:

Born in Chicago: A History of Chicago's Jesuit University
by Ellen Skerrett (2008)




Chief O'Neill's Sketchy Recollections of an Eventful Life in Chicago
by Francis O'Neill, Ellen Skerrett, Mary Lesch, and Nicholas Carolan (2008)

Keeping the Faith: European and Asian Catholic Immigrants
by Jeffrey M. Burns, Ellen Skerrett, and Joseph M. White (2006)

At the Crossroads: Old Saint Patrick's and the Chicago Irish
by Ellen Skerrett (1997)

Catholicism, Chicago Style
by Ellen Skerrett, Edward R. Kantowicz, and Steven M. Avella (1994)

The Irish in Chicago (Ethnic History of Chicago)
by Lawrence J. McCaffrey, Ellen Skerrett, Michael F. Funchion, and Charles Fanning (1987)

Chicago City of Neighborhoods: Histories and Tours by Dominic A. Pacyga and Ellen Skerrett (1986)


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